Spring Shroud


Spring Shroud


Advert Shrouding

The following statement has been issued by Manchester's radical art collective UHC, in response to today's advert shrouding action:

"As local artists and designers, we are concerned with the amount of commercially driven visual clutter on our streets. We have been engaged for 5 years in devising inventive and elegant antidotes to invasive 'out of home advertising'".

"UHC have recently been commissioned by McDEMOS to produce 100 ad shell shrouds, intended as temporary works of art, which carry the image of a tree and the legend 'trees breathe - adverts suck'."

"The shrouds were delivered to an anonymous group who have installed the shrouds accross the city this morning."

"UHC fully supports this action and the spirit in which it has been carried out. We feel it presents those travelling to work with a gift of few precious moments of peace and beauty in the place of the incessant noise of advertising."

Statement ends.


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