10 - A Collab

10 - A Collab

The Nomad Gallery
September 2015
International Group Show

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

The inherent inquisitiveness of human soul both solely and collectively, is to comprehend and express itself.

The realm of art is actually the conception of this innate true self and a metamorphosis of its existence in many forms of manifestation. It rejects all superficiality and safeguards the soul just like the leukocytes that protect the body against the infectious disease and foreign invaders.

10 - A Collab, is an endeavor of ten artists from six different countries to convene on a single platform, to exhibit, the deeper importance of things in the form of contemporary prints and also expose the viewers both the artists and general masses to the expertise, aesthetics and a multitude of printmaking techniques.

The images are varied and incorporate disparate elements with an underlying constant expression that reflects the cultures and ethnicity to which the artist as an individual belongs to.

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