[parallel lives] viewed through a mobile phone

"The biometric heiress collects, processes and stores..."


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Mobilography* creates a visual language which captures symbols and works of art in your immediate environment.

Tracey uses the portable technology of her mobile phone to collect her images building up a contemporary visual narrative of her life and immediate environment

*Mobilography (from "mobilis" (lat.) - movable and "grapho" (gr.) - to write) is a branch of photography that creates pictures using such devices with built-in cameras, as cellular phones, palm pilots, compasses, binoculars, lighters, etc, not originally intended to be used for professional photography.

[Uganda] << new, May 2012

[backstreet batteries]
[broken umbrellas]
[cucumber challenge]
[dead christmas trees]
[dead fridges]
[friends' mobilography]
[glitter balls]
[pink & blue]
[random gallery]
[red bands]
[six degrees of separation]
[the end]
[toilet door]