Agit Disco


Agit Disco

A new book compiled by Stefan Szczelkun.
Edited and introduced by Anthony Iles.
Featuring Tracey Moberly

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book launch 8 december 2011

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A collection of annotated playlists in which twenty-three writers consider the political impact of music in their life. The audio tracks from each selection fit onto a traditional CD with the idea of homemade mix-tapes in mind. Each CD has a unique cover design worked out with the writer, which is used to illustrate each playlist.

Contributors: Andy T, DJ Krautpleaser, Howard Slater, John Eden, Johnny Spencer, Luca Paci, Louise Carolin, Martin Dixon, Mel Croucher, Micheline Mason, Neil Transpontine, Peter Conlin, Peter Haining, young people of Room 13 Lochyside, Roger McKinley, Sarah Falloon, Sian Addicott, Simon Ford, Stefan Szczelkun, Stewart Home, Tom Jennings, Tom Vague, Tracey Moberly.

The selectors consider political musics from many different viewpoints and with a wide variety of styles. The final playlist by Tracey Moberly is set to a fictional narrative of a woman's life in Britain.

7" square, 144 pp, perfect binding, 40 colour images, includes free sampler CD.

Published by Mute, Soho, London.