Where Are We Now - New Years Eve 2005?
out with the old, in with the new

By Tracey Moberly and Danny Pockets (Foundry text team). Music: Mark
Rathmell. The year is 1999... two people, two different cities and the
break up of two long term relationships. Independently they both find
the same new religion ... TEXTING ... NYE05 they join texts and look
back at their new beginnings, reading their religion, in a series of
short text dialogues, titled 'Out With The Old and In With The New...'
throughout the NEW YEARS EVE 2005 radio show 'Where Are We Now?'

part 1 [mp3] [realaudio]
part 2 [mp3] [realaudio]
part 3 [mp3] [realaudio]
part 4 [mp3] [realaudio]
part 5 [mp3] [realaudio]
part 6 [mp3] [realaudio]
part 7 [mp3] [realaudio]