SVENGALI pilot episode three

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SVENGALI pilot episode three

Foundry Late Late Breakfast Show radio archive:

SVENGALI Pilot Episode 3 is an improvised twelve minute special in which Dixie gatecrashes a live radio show at The Foundry.

Our cast this episode features Jonathan Owen, Roger Evans and Sean Harris playing photographer Anton Blair. The episode was shot during the recording of Tracey Moberly's weekly radio show for Resonance FM. Guests on Tracey's show this week are Alan Mcgee, A&R man Brian Horse, ex-Libertines Carl Barat, ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead, Goldie Lookin' Chain's Maggot, Gavin Bain and his band Hopeless Heroic. Piano intro by Gabriel Keen.

Hear the full story of Dixie's invasion as it happened on The Late Late Breakfast Show, Tuesday 5th May at 8pm on Resonance 104.4 London on